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My name is Thom Ripple, and as an animal enthusiast I have spent a lot of time learning about and enjoying all sorts of animals! I’ve owned dogs and a Bird; however I do have a vast background in exotics and their care. I am a reptile fanatic as well and absolutely adore Chameleons! Animals are truly my first love. For this reason, I have been very active in animal welfare and spend a lot of time being updated on proper care and sharing my knowledge education of Sugar gliders. (See EastCoast Glider Gathering Below)

I have spent a lot of time learning and growing into this fun hobby and have found it to be by far the most enjoyable hobby around! I’ve made so many friends through the sugar gliders Meetings,forums and websites. Sugar Gliders bring many people together from around the world that share a unique love of this tiny marsupial.

 At Outback Gliders, Sugar Gliders we pride ourselves in having some of the sweetest sugar glider joeys around. We specialize in some very beautiful color variations,(Specializing in exotic colors ... White face Blondes, champagne, Platinum’s, Leucistic’s, mosaic’s and Creamino’s (Creme-ino) however we do feel that temperament and overall health is a number one priority in which we strive to do everything we can to have happy, healthy gliders. All gliders who are born here are handled with gentle love and care so that they will grow to love human contact, being handled and cuddled with. This creates a unique opportunity for new glider owners as well as those who have many gliders.  It is such a joy to have a glider willing to trust, wanting love and attention right away. I do my very best to achieve this with each and every joey we have.

We are a Small Scale Sugar Glider breeder located in Baltimore MD. We are dedicated to the breeding, caring, and loving of these beautiful Sugar Gliders! We are proud to offer hand-tamed sugar gliders from Australia. Sugar gliders do require unique care compared to many other "traditional" pets. Because of their high maintenance and as such, it is very important you are aware of what you are getting into before you decide to bring one or more into your home! Please take a look at the diets section to learn more about approved diets which aide in having healthy gliders. There is a very high percent of sugar gliders that are re-homed within the first year of ownership by new owners who have not housed sugar gliders as pets before. They are a huge commitment and will bond very closely to you, so please make sure that these little creatures are the pet for you before you proceed with adopting any. Please do your research on care, housing, diet, vetting habits, bonding and so forth. For some other research outlets forums are a excellent way to connect and learn from fellow sugar glider owners! Feel free to ask me any questions you may have! I would be more than happy to answer or assist you in finding any information you are in search of.

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Tasmania - The Sweetest Glider and A Leucistic Sugar Gliders

Sugar Gliders, Are Exotic Pets - this web site has Information on the care, bonding, feeding, and housing of Sugar Gliders. Also some pictures and links for Sugar Glider And Sugar Glider supplies .

Sugar Gliders or Petaurus Breviceps looks very similar to a North American flying squirrel, but they are not.  Nor are sugar gliders rodents.  Sugar gliders are marsupials, related to kangaroos and opossums. They are native to Australia and Indonesia.  Sugar gliders are nocturnal and are sensitive to light.  They are arboreal or tree-dwelling social creatures in the wild, preferring to live in colonies. However, in captivity, this would require a very large enclosure.

http://www.outbackglider.com/index/images/zoom/leucistic/leucistic.jpgVictoria- This wonderful Mommy is most lovable when she has Joey.

 These exotic animals are intelligent and loving.  They can make wonderful pets under the right conditions.  Sugar gliders' average lifespan is 10-12 years; however, it is not unusual that some live to 15 and 16 years of age. 

Sugar Gliders come in range of colors (White known as Leucistic and albinos, Standard Grays to Mosaic) While they look cute and cuddly, these are exotic pets and are Not suitable pets for small children. 

Sugar gliders do have scent glands that produce a musky odor that may or may not be offensive to some people.  with Proper Diet they quickly lose this strong odor and will only have mild odor. 


Baby "C"- very Handsome Little Glider

 Sugar gliders require a large commitment of time (a minimum of 1-2 hours per day) and will change your lifestyle.  They require fresh foods every night and must have remaining food pulled every morning.  Cages, wheels and sleeping pouches must be cleaned (at least weekly).
Sugar gliders cannot be potty trained.They will pee and poo on you!

Sugar gliders have very sharp nails that will require trimming.  There are products on the market that will help to reduce or eliminate the need for nail trimming - sandpaper inserts designed specifically for the type of running wheel you purchase may help.  


This was Babies "A" and "B" the my tamest two Angels ....at one week old

Sugar gliders are hearty creatures if well taken care of; however, nature is not perfect.  Genetic anomalies and illnesses can occur.  Accidents happen and sugar gliders can and do require veterinary care. Glider Can a proper Diet Can live very healthy Life span .

Sugar gliders can bite, They can draw blood.  However, a bonded sugar glider should not bite.  We believe that with proper bonding techniques, patience and love, most sugar gliders will bond to some degree. 

Mac Kay... My New Little Mosaic

Sugar Gliders Come in a range of Colors - New Mosaic Joeys are in the Nursery!!! – also have White Face Blonde 100% Het Leucistic, Mosaic, Ring tail, Standard Grey, White Face Blonde and Leucistic Joeys

I would strongly urge anyone considering the purchase of a sugar glider to research thoroughly before doing so, if at all possible Visit your Sugar glider Breeder before Buying them . Sugar Gliders are both Beautiful and Sweet but still Exotic Pets. There is an arrangement of Colors to choose from and Personalities to match. Wonderful colors (  Mosaic Sugar gliders are wonderful Since there are no two alike) Sugar gliders can make wonderful addition to your Family..for more Breeders Information or Questions. -Information Email at tripple007@aol.com